Allow Ourselves to Introduce Ourselves

So we’ve been posting for a couple weeks now but without really introducing ourselves. Fan of the Fan, so far anyway, is the work of Erik and Sarah Bonkovsky. We’re new to the Fan–having just moved at the beginning of the year. And we’re new to web-based community news, too. But we’re thankful for the folks over at RVANews for the encouragement and support to get us started. Our hope is that through this adventure we’ll all learn something new about our city and our neighborhood. And we hope to have some fun doing it.

But we also want (and need) your help. The potential of this community-based news thing depends on, well, community. Please help us–send ideas, improvements, links, news, events our way. We think the key to any community–whether online or face to face–is participation from all sorts of people. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open and post stuff that seems interesting to us, but we can’t keep track of it all. We need you. So, as others have invited us, we invite you: ‘join the party’ of this blogging thing–post a comment, send a link, say hello.

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