More on Fan Parking

I live on one of the only blocks between Harrison and Meadow that isn’t part of Zone 1 or Zone 2, so I’m waiting to see if my parking will be affected by those without decals taking up space on my block.  If it does, I may decide to petition the FDA for our street to be added to Zone 2.  With small children it’s nice to be able to park relatively close to our house.  

How is the new parking zone going to affect you?  Are you concerned at all about VCU parking moving farther and farther west?

NBC 12 ran a story on Fan parking last night and brought up an interesting dilemma for those stuck between Zones 1 and 2.

Decals are available at City Hall in room 102, see this page for applications.  Ticketing won’t start until 4/30/09, so there’s a little grace period to get used to things and get a decal (good until June 30, 2010).


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